Hair Transplant Surgery or Buy Har Vokse Instead?

Who are better candidates for hair transplants – men or women?

It seems that there is a wide misconception that only men will lose hair when they get older, actually, women do as well. So the question is why mainly men have hair transplant surgery and not that many women undertake it. Surprisingly our studies showed that actually women aren’t very good candidates for the surgery. It’s mainly because women’s hair loss is different to men’s.

Guys tend to lose the hair from top of the head. So the sides of the head are usually still covered with healthy hair. Men with this particular pattern associated with balding will have donor hair which survives their hair implant process and will flourishes long after. This is due to a naturally-occurring enzyme in our bodies what combines with testosterone. That creates a chemical called DHT. DHT is the reason why guys lose their hair as it has developed the male pattern baldness. And as I mentioned before, this mainly affect guys top of the head and not sides and back of the head.

Female pattern baldness is different. As guys get large areas of bald patches, women don’t. The front of the head and sides and back all seem to get thinner hair equally.  So the medical called DHT affect women’s sculls every area. Any hair follicles that are affected by DHT will simply fall out if they are moved by hair transplant procedures.

Talking about chemicals in our bodies I’d like to introduce you to a new natural marine protein complex. Norwegian scientists have found that a combination of marine protein (fish proteins then) and vitamins can produce great results for people who suffer of thinning hair and baldness and have been considering hair transplants surgery. This new protein complex is the main component of the latest development in hair re-growth, a product called Hår Vokse™ As you can see it is a Norwegian name and you would pronounce it Hor:vokse.

So what makes Har Vokse™ so effective that we can recommend it? The natural marine protein complex contains a group of proteoglycans which has been proved to regulate the proliferation of cells in dermis (the skin) and this is vital for the function of the hair follicle and re-growth of the hair.

To maintain the normal hair growth, proteoglycans play an important part in regulating the epithelial-mesenchymal signalling exchange which regulates the hair follicle activity. And just to recap the usefulness of HarVokse™, proteoglycans are an important part of this hair re-growth product.

These are the main selling points of HarVokse™:

  • Nutritional vitamin & mineral follicle support
  • Increases micro vascular stimulation
  • Natural DHT inhibiting complex
  • Fights hair loss internally

Har Vokse™ has been on the market for the public for very limited time. You couldn’t buy Har Vokse at the beginning of 2012 yet. Before the public launch in June 2012 it has been widely used by celebrities though. As we all know they have access to all the secrets of the world and can buy HarVokse or any other hair re-growth product before we do. One thing to remember though is that if it’s good enough for celebrities then it’s pretty certain it’s good enough for us too.