Hair Loss in Men

Hair loss in men is a problem that has been in existence for as long as human beings have been around. It has in most cases been associated with ageing. However, it is nowadays a common site to see young men in the late twenties and thirties suffering from hair loss. This problem has become an embarrassing and annoying process as it changes the physical appearances of individuals making them look older than they may be and even the object of ridicule. This has brought about the use of funny wigs among men to hide their hair loss.

There are many men who suffer from hair loss and still do not know what causes this condition. Hair loss in men is caused by many reasons that are avoidable and can be corrected if the problem is diagnosed in time. Hair loss can be sudden, steady, in a round smooth patch or a round scaly patch. All these forms of hair loss have their own causes.

Sudden Hair Loss – such hair loss may be caused by emotional and/or physical trauma. Shock that comes as a result of trauma both physically and emotional may cause a condition called telogen effluvium in which hair growth is halted and it starts falling off. However, this condition changes as the affected individual recovers both mentally and physically.

Steady Hair Loss – this is air loss due to lack of some nutrients within the diet. In such cases, an individual will experience steady shading of hair for 2 to 3 months consecutively. Hair follicles need a steady supply of nutrients. Such nutrients include zinc, biotin, and iron. It will help much to eat foods like spinach, broccoli and eggs in plenty.

Round Smooth Patches – such patches may be caused by alopecia areata, a small round bare spot. The cause of this condition is still unknown as for now. However, it has been associated with stress and genetic compositions. Such a condition brings about the need to see a dermatologist to get corticosteroid injections so as to ease on inflammation that causes the hair’s hibernation.

Round Scaly Patches – these patches are most probably caused by a fungal infection called tinea capitis. Such an infection triggers a fight back by white blood cells hence causing the hair follicles a lot of harm. In such cases an individual will need to use an antifungal shampoo. Prescribed antifungal medicine may come into play if the shampoo does not work.

Hair loss in men can generally be avoided by eating right and avoiding stress. There are some medicines that may also cause hair loss. Such medicines should be avoided. You can have your doctor prescribe different medicine to avoid such reactions. The right kind of diet will also work well in terms of avoiding hair loss in men. Proteins and irons need to be in plenty in diets. There are also some hair styles that cause damage to the hair. Avoiding such hairstyles may help in eliminating hair loss in men with this men will not loose hair any more.